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Hello again, STILL/WILD

It's good to be back!

Just over a year ago, I took STILL/WILD offline, as it were, and engaged in months of active discernment. We're back, now - with an ever deeper commitment to the idea that contemplation and activism are two ends of the same stick, and that both are equally important when it comes to sustained change-making.

Ultimately, here at STILL/WILD we are evangelical about two things: The need to regularly enter into the contemplative dimension of our lives, and the immense power of women to effect much-needed change in the world.

Consider this site a portal - informative and, we hope, fun. Here, read about inspirational women who live out the commitment to both STILL and WILD right before our eyes; meet the modern-day mystics, contemplatives and artists who can lead you deeply into a practice of your own; visit our artisanal store for a gift or a pretty thing inspired by the SILL/WILD ethos. Come here when you crave camaraderie, creativity, inspiration.

But don't stay overlong; portals are, by definition, a gateway. Enter in. Intentionally turn inward where eventually, inevitably, you'll encounter the Holy Mystery. Then let It follow you back out into the world. 

Begin HERE.

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