Little white candle pots, perfect for your STILL practice. Clean burning coconut oil, 100% pure essential oils (no synthetic fragrence), and eco-friendly wicks. We recommend burning your candle pots only during meditation, as a way of signaling to your body and brain that it's time to settle in... Please note: these artful vessels are NOT made of recycled material, and we will likely not order them again. In the meantime, grab one while they last. They are lovely and can be reused in myriad ways.

Litlle White Candle Pots

SKU: 366615376135191
  • All STILL/WILD candles are made with coconut-wax, which is the cleanest burning and most eco-friendly wax availalble. Toxin-free, kind to the environment, slow-burning - it's a bit more expensive, but we think it's worth it. As for scents, we use 100% natural essential oils. We're still doing mad reseasrch on this front, as there are pros and cons to using pure essential oil as opposed to a mixture of EO's and synthetic fragrences. For example, EO's are all natural, but they don't have a great "hot throw," they are more expensive, and it takes a lot of natural material to produce a little bit of oil. If you know something about this, please reach out to us and share your wisdom! In the meantime, we're opting for all natural EOs. 

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