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Bookcliffs. Fruita, CO 2018

The Bookcliffs at Bert and Merce's. Fruita, CO 2017

"And this is why you cultivate contemplative practice. The more you intentionally turn inward, the more available the sacred becomes. When you sit in silence and turn your gaze toward the Holy Mystery ... the Mystery follows you back out into the world. "

mirabai starr


Welcome to the STILL/WILD movement! 


Here at STILL/WILD, we are evangelical about two things: The need to regularly enter into the contemplative dimension of our lives, and the immense power of women to effect much-needed change in the world. We begin with Silence (STILL) & then we LIVE OUT LOUD (WILD).

In unprecedented numbers the world over, women are initiating a cultural (r)Evolution - quietly at home, loudly in the public arena, or both. They are doing so with a growing realization that one's commitment to interior transformation informs and sustains one's commitment to global transformation.

Consider this site a portal - informative and, we hope, fun. Here, read about inspirational women who live out the commitment to both STILL and WIlD right before our eyes; meet the modern-day mystics, contemplatives and artists who can lead you deeply into a practice of your own; visit our artisanal store for a gift or a pretty thing inspired by the SILL/WILD ethos. Come here when you crave camaraderie, creativity, inspiration.


But don't stay overlong; portals are, by definition, a gateway. Enter in. Intentionally turn inward where eventually, inevitably, you'll encounter the Holy Mystery. Then let It follow you back out into the world. 

Begin HERE.

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STILL/WILD movement


In unprecedented numbers the world over, women are initiating a cultural (r)Evolution - quietly at home, loudly in the public arena, or both. The (r)Evolution begins with a STILL practice...


STILL/WILD: a primer

What does it mean to be STILL and WILD, and why is it important to enter the contemplative dimension of our lives?


Artisanal Store

Gifts and handmade

goods inspired by the


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STILL/WILD has a particular ethos, a rich aesthetic, an earthy mysticism. It is both a practice and a way of life. At S/W, we love rustic bread, hand-thrown pottery, fresh tilled earth and a beautifully laid table... 



To be clear, you DO NOT need a coach to be either STILL or WILD. That said, sometimes, esp in the beginning, it's helpful to have an accountabilibuddy...

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chapters 1-5

Convinced you can't meditate?

Clear the way for a STILL/WILD practice with this helpful guide.

More about blog, forum & insta below:


STILL/WILD in pictures

Women. Art. Home.


See the many manifestations of

STILL/WILD @stillwildportal



Join our discussion forum.

Meet like-minded women, read & write about both STILL and WILD...

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Women. Art. Change-making.

Home. Read about the many manifestations of STILL/WILD.

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