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STILL/WILD Home: Bringing Magic and Mysticism into your Physical Space

I write a lot, on this site, about moving one's STILL/WILD energy into all aspects of one's life. The truth, of course, is that STILL/WILD is its own reward, and that the most important gifts are experienced inwardly. That said, it has also been my experience that life takes on a different sheen as a result of this particular practice, and I am very interested in cultivating this Light, and in encouraging you to cultivate it as well - beginning at home.

STILL/WILD has a particular ethos, a rich aesthetic, an earthy mysticism. It is both a practice and a way of life. At S/W, we love rustic bread, hand thrown pottery, fresh tilled earth and a beautifully laid table. We love creaking bookshelves, fantastical books, old stories, old friends, WILD beauty. And when we don't find it, we create it, even when things are dire, even when times are lean. What fuels this impulse to create beauty and magic in spite of it all? A rugged and regular contemplative (i.e. "STILL") practice. Our homes can and should be magical, restorative places; portals which blur the lines between inside and out, here and There. 


I am no Joanna Gains (would that I were!), but all photos, above and below, are from our sweet home - and we do pretty well, I think. I'm not sure I even know how to set a proper table, but I know how to set one that makes me feel connected to the deep wisdom of all the homesteading mages who have come before me. I know how to create meals, for family and friends, that call upon the same sacred energy I find in my practice; that same energy which allows us to slow down and connect to one another, with food, artful pottery and mulled wine...

You know how, too. Tap into that endless wellspring of wisdom and beauty with a regular STILL practice, and bring that WILD and empyreal energy into the world, beginning at home. Cultivate deep joy as you create what Tessa Bielecki calls a "lively human atmosphere."


You can read about (my interpretation of) the STILL/WILD aesthetic on our blog. And please, oh please, write and tell me about what you’re creating. Better yet, share photos! There is nothing I love more than knowing about the mystical spaces/art/change you create.

Be Still and Be Wild!


To begin your STILL practice, go HERE. 

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