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Every day.

We make our case on the blog. Read all about it and

be not afeard.



Minutes a day, hours per week, weeks per year.

Whatever works for you.

Reclaim your head space.

Step away from your Screens

and prelude to a more formal STILL/WILD practice.

Chapters 1-4

Into the Wilderness

A 12 Month Guide

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Women. Art. Home.


See the many manifestations of WILD a @stillwildportal

STILL/WILD in pictures

Learn more about  Sara:

Artist, activist, coach and founder of the (tiny and burgeoning) STILL/WILD movement.

Sara Sharpe

From artists around the world: Handmade goods inspired by the STILL/WILD ethos

Coming Soon!

Artisanal Shop

Photos credits: Jimmy and Sara @

Badlands in SD, White Sands, NM and Garden of the Gods in CO