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Please note: At this point, strait sizes ONLY come in the capped sleeve variety, and plus sizes ONLY come as regular t-shirts. Both are fair trade, organic t-shirts from Bella + Canvas. MEDIUM IS SOLD OUT.

S/W Eco-friendly T-shirts (strait & plus sizes)

SKU: 364215376135191
  • For our eco-friendly t-shirts, STILL/WILD turns to Print Natural - an environmentally friendly, custom screen printing shop specializing in eco-friendly screen printing on fair trade, organic t-shirts, and apparel (like our Bella + Canvas Ts). Here at STILL/WILD, we offer the highest quality prints with the most eco-friendly processes and materials available.

  • At this point, frankly, I'm not organized enough, and don't have time eough, to process returns. Soon, we hope! Only make this purchase if you're willing to pass it along to someone else if it doesn't fit. They're gorgeous shirts and make great gifts! 

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