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A deep, complex blend, expertly designed to evoke both your stillness and your wildness. Wear it when you enter the stillness, as a sensory cue to quiet your monkey mind. Wear it when you enter the change-making arena as a reminder of your fierce power and compassionate spirit. This EO blend is made by the great Rudrani Devi. About her work, Rudrani says:

"These are the purest and highest quality available in the world. Before each batch is made, rigorous testing is done to be sure the oils are organic and that they are not cut with lower quality oils, possessing the highest aromatherapeutic properties available. Once these blends are created, I facilitate a special meditation process with the energies of the 'Divine Mother' to infuse them with the vibratory match of the intention they were created for." 


  • "I'm a public school teacher during a pandemic in a chronically underfunded large urban district. 

    To do my job well, and to love my whole life, I do the work to show up present and alive for my students, my family, my friends. 

     In the mornings in the car on the way to school, I practice self care by way of affirmations, prayer, listening to good storytelling, and dabbing a bit of my beloved Still / Wild essential oil blend to my pulse points. It's earthy and grounding with notes of licorice and something faintly sweet. I inhale deeply, taking in my favorite essence, feeling solid and ready to show up in my classroom calm, attentive, and energized."


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